19 May

Speed Of Light On Screen

NVA Salford

In March this year, NVA's Speed of Light arrived at the The Quays when hundreds of runners in LED light suits animated the bridges, streets and public spaces of Greater Manchester's waterfront. After the success of the show - almost 8,000 spectators witnessed the nightly performances - the organisers have launched a short film with highlights of the event in Salford.

After debuting as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, the Speed of Light show went global with a performance in Yokohama, Japan, before entrancing audiences in Greater Manchester.

Highlights from Speed of Light Salford have been intercut with remarkable 'live' slow-motion effects technology from BBC Research & Development, with footage of the intricate patterns and light trails made by runners as moved through The Quays.

You can watch the film on the NVA Vimeo page.