2 Sep

Sprayable Energy

Sprayable Energy

Does a quick cup of coffee form part of your usual pre-run routine? If so, the upcoming launch of a caffeine flavoured spray, designed to be applied like perfume and absorbed through the skin, may well prove to be a quick and convenient alternative to your usual cuppa.

Sprayable Energy, which is made up of water, caffeine and an amino acid derivative, is said to provide a steady stream of energy, rather the jolt and drop of caffeinated drinks, according to its creators Ben Yu and Deven Soni.

As recreational runners, the pair wanted to design a product that was easily applied, calorie-free and didn't result in the jitters that can accompany a coffee. The recommended dose - four sprays - is said to equate to roughly the same amount of caffeine as in a normal cup.

Co-creator Yu said: "It really helps me going on long runs, since the key breakthrough with our product is that it permeates the skin and enters at a steady rate. It has really allowed me to stay consistent and maintain my pace without premature exhaustion."

While it may be seen as a practical way to avoid some of the disadvantages of having a hot drink before a run, concerns have been raised as to how effective the spray actually is. In much the same way nicotine patches work, the rate of absorption is said to be very slow, meaning the effects on the runner may be negligible over an extended period of time.

More information on Sprayable Energy is available on their website.