30 Aug

Sting In The Trail

First three finishers at Spofforth Gala Trail Race 10K

They say 'no pain, no gain' when it comes to running, but participants at the Spofforth Gala Trail Race 10K could have done without the former as they were attacked by a swarm of angry hornets on Monday (26 August). Yorkshire Air Ambulance had to be called after runners accidentally disturbed the hornets' nest with several entrants being stung and one having to be airlifted to hospital after suffering a particularly bad allergic reaction.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Air Ambulance said: "We transferred one entrant to Harrogate hospital. A lot of people got stung, but we just transferred the one runner who had had a bad reaction."

A participant posted about the ordeal on Twitter: "Lost a fight with a swarm of hornets at Spofforth trail race. Should be more like Pooh and stick to honey bees."

Around 250 runners took part in the race with Harrogate Harrier, Barry McGuire, finishing as fastest man in 38:27, closely followed by Joseph Kwallah (Wetherby Runners AC), just five seconds behind him. Rogan Ashton of Otley AC took third place in 38:47. The women's race was won by Tori Green of Ripon Runners in 42:59 and the midpoint runner was Michael Davidson in 54:17.

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