19 Dec

Stocking Fillers For Runners

Stocking fillers

The little gems are often the highlight of your Christmas haul. They tend to be inexpensive trinkets that stand out amongst the more glamorous presents. Running shops have a variety of accessories that work as ideal stocking fillers, and most tend to come under £10.

A resistance band - great for building strength in the lower legs - is a bargain at £4.50 from Up & Running. With dark nights likely to be with us until the end of February, investing in some form of headlamp is always advisable. Check out a basic Highlander 5 Led Headlight on sale at £4.99.

Still within the £10 ceiling, the Y-Fumble Arm Pocket is ideal for storing your music, keys, or whatever valuables you need on a long run. Natterjack has priced the product at £5.99.

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