26 Nov

The Art Of Darkness

Runners at the inaugural Night Terror event.

After the success of the inaugural Night Terror race in Aldershot earlier this year, GRIM has launched a series of the scary trail run events taking place in an array of eerie woodland locations across the UK. The runs will be held between January and March with locations including Manchester on 2 February and Leeds on 9 February.

Not for the faint hearted but definitely for those wanting fun and a twisted thrill, each route is around six miles of cold-sweat, nervous, multi-terrain running. Organisers say the races offer you the chance to 'head out into the unknown with only the sounds of terror and your fellow competitors for company' and warn that 'your head torches will light your way but be wary of those who lurk in the shadows ...'

You can enter as an individual or a team of three in three different categories: women only, men only or mixed teams. Participants are welcome to wear scary costumes, bring their sense of humour with them, and are invited to go out for drinks after the race.

The official charity partner for Night Terror series is Macmillan Cancer Support, helping people live with cancer. To enter a race, visit the Night Terror website.