1 Feb

The Longest Run Of Your Year

Longest Day Run

For many of us, the week concludes with a long slow run. Interval training and hill repeats are cast aside for a more leisurely, distance-orientated outing wherein you can fully appreciate why you have taken up the sport. Perhaps with this in mind, one runner is entreating fellow enthusiasts to hit the road and simply see have far you can go. Simon Walkden's The Longest Day Run takes place between midday June 23 and 24, 2012, and challenges each runner to see how many miles they can cover in 24 hours.

Simon, who took up the sport 6 years ago after an injury curtailed his football career, said the project is about getting the most out of running for one day, wherever you are: "The Longest Day Run is whatever you want it to be. It has no rules and no boundaries, no minimums & no maximums. It's for each of us to get out of it what would make us happy."

Simon Walkden

Akin to Marco Consani's December challenge Marcothon, the event is based on runners setting their own targets: "You can do one long run, 10 shorter runs, or in fact any combination of runs over that time period. The aim is to set yourself your challenge, and for everyone who takes part to encourage each other and help them to achieve their goal."

After launching the event earlier this month, the project amassed over 250 followers in the first week. In terms of collating the numbers of participants, Simon is looking for runners to state their intention in taking part and then to provide details of the miles they cover between June 23 and 24.

If you fancy taking part in The Longest Day Run project, you can contact Simon via Twitter on @longestdayrun, or by visiting his blog.