19 Jan

The Mighty Deerstalker Returns

Mighty DeerstalkerGet your pipes and tweed jackets at the ready! Billed as ‘the toughest off road run in the UK’, The Might Deerstalker is back for its 9th year on Saturday 14 March.

The event, which last year saw over 3,500 men and women pushed to their physical limits, will once again take place at the historic Traquair House, Scotland’s oldest inhabited house, in the beautiful setting of the Tweed Valley.
The run, organised by Rat Race Adventure Sports, utilises Scotland’s rugged terrain to create a route that features a mixture of steep ascents, mud-filled trenches, water crossings, forest trails and various natural and man-made obstacles including the 'The Rack', 'The Scree' and 'The Tunnel'.
Those competing in the Rat Race event can enter as an individual or as a team for either the 5K Deerstalker or the 10K Mighty Deerstalker course.  The 5k 'Deerstalker' race is completed in daylight and is designed for those competitors who are new to off road running. For those competitors who are looking for a tougher challenge, the 10K Mighty Deerstalker is further, higher, steeper, wetter and wilder. It offers all of the challenges of the 5k race, but instead of stopping once reaching the finish line at Traquair House, runners complete the second half in darkness with only a head-torch to light the way.

Jim Mee, Rat Race MD and creator of the Mighty Deerstalker said of the event: “In a world where obstacle-heavy events dominate, The Mighty Deerstalker goes back to the basics and uses Mother Nature to deliver the challenge, as competitors not only have to deal with a gruelling course in the wilds of the Scottish winter, but they also must do so in complete darkness.”
Entry to the 2015 event is open, for more information visit the Rat Race website.