12 Jun

The Other Olympic Torch

The Real Relay

While the majority of us have not been lucky enough to be nominated to carry the Olympic torch as it makes it way to London, there may yet be an opportunity for you to follow in the footsteps of the iconic flame.

Endurancelife has organised the Real Relay, which follows the entire route of the official Olympic Torch around Britain in one continuous non-stop journey, running every step of the way. Beginning ten days behind the official torch, the relay began on May 29 and is currently in Northern Ireland.

With each runner required to run 10 miles on their own leg at a minimum of 10 min/miles, organisers are confident that their alternative to the Olympic relay will arrive before the official one. Running without a support team, each participant is responsible for keeping track of the relay's progress and to make arrangements for the baton handover.

If you are interested in taking part in a section check out the Real Relay website. The Real Relay arrives in Scotland on June 14 with the later stages of the run through Scotland and England yet to be scheduled. The event is raising money for CHICKS, a charity that provides week long respite breaks for disadvantaged children across the UK.