5 Apr

Tony Ups Heat In Chilling Challenge

Tony the Fridge

Not content with completing 30 consecutive half marathons with a 40kg fridge strapped to his back, Tony Phoenix-Morrison - aka Tony the Fridge - has set himself a new challenge for 2013. On Friday 19 April, Tony will aim to cover 100 one mile laps of Newcastle Quayside, with, you guessed it, his faithful kitchen appliance.

Tony the Fridge rose to prominence late last year as he ran the entire length of the Great North Run every morning for 30 days. After his endeavours in South Shields, Tony went on to take part in the Blaydon Race and Kielder MMarathon, all of which were in aid of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, a charity that funds development and essential research into the detection and treatment of cancer.

Six months on and Tony is preparing for his latest test of endurance, The Appliances Online 24 Hour Challenge. This will see him attempt to cover the distance of over four marathons, and if successful, will break several Guinness world records.

As it stands, Tony has raised over £13,000, and is hoping his upcoming challenge will continue to assist the charity: "Like lots of people, I have lost people I love to cancer and like most people I loved Bobby Robson and everything he stood for. I also believe that one day somebody will find a cure, but until then we need to support all the cancer charities in which ever way we can."

While Tony has been able to complete each of his last runs without serious injury, he is not oblivious to the damage that carrying such a heavy weight can inflict: "I'm not afraid to admit that this challenge has me scared. No amount of training can prepare you for friction injuries caused by the constant rubbing of a 6 stone metal box on your back and how that tears off your skin. The most frightening part of this challenge is the thought of friction burns, which can leave you in pain for weeks."

Tony is urging people to lend their support during the challenge. More information is available on his justgiving page.

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