19 Sep

Hills And Sun Then Jelly And Beer

A panoramic view of the Hexham hills post-race

Runners at yesterday's Tynedale Jelly Tea Race, organised by Tynedale Harriers, had the choice of the feature 10 mile event or the newly introduced 15 mile race. The majority (102) chose the traditional option but both sets were tested by the famously tough conditions of the Hexham hills on a hot day.

Abraham Tewelde of Saltwell Harriers won the 10 mile race, setting a course record of 55:41 in the process. The first female finisher, Gerda Steyn of Nedbank Running Club, also took third overall with an impressive time of 1:09:08.

Blackhill Bounders' Gary Wallace won the 15 mile race with a time of 1:37:09 and Stefania Williams of Ponteland Runners was fastest female in 2:12:42.

Jack Gebhard responded to our Facebook call earlier in the month for a runABC reader to take part in the Tynedale Jelly Tea Race and review the event. Jack was impressed: "There is something quite special about events like the Jelly Tea. Frills are kept to a minimum which creates a cost saving that is reflected in the price.
"Sponsorship is local, adding to the feeling that it really is a community event, and the marshals are friendly and enthusiastic, despite the fact that runners can tell they'd sooner be taking part themselves. Together, these factors have allowed the Jelly Tea to survive a number of challenges, remaining a popular race since the mid-1980s."
Jack also praised the post-race hospitality: "All runners were treated to the famous jelly and tea at the end of the race, as well as a beer from the local Allendale brewery." He recommended the race for 2017: "The 10 miler is a great race, and with the challenging hills the 15 mile option is worth thinking about if you're preparing for an October marathon."
Find out more about the Tynedale Jelly Tea Race at the Tynedale Harriers website.