29 Mar

Ultimate Trail Challenge Proves A Challenge

The Ultimate Trail Race 18km and the Challenge 18km, part of the Ultimate Trail Races Organised on the March 20, 2010, like the Sticky Toffee 10km Race also proved to be highly popular with the runners taking part with most saying that despite the muddy conditions and driving rain on the day, they would come back for more next year!

cartmel hill

The muddy conditions, made the race tough but at the finish, this didnt put many of the finishers off praising the event and the course itself:

"A real muddy trail!! I was not looking forward to this run as it had rained heavily leading up to it. However, the rain stopped shortly before the start and it turned into a pleasant if extremely muddy run. Excellent organisation, super scenery. I even managed to improve on last year's time despite the conditions!"

"I felt more of a feeling of accomplishment at the finish line on this race than in my previous two marathons. I'm aching in places I have never ached before. However, every hill crested brought a new spectacular view and made the pain worthwhile"

"I didn't think this race could be any better than last year but it again exceeded all my expectations.
The best dirty weekend ever!"

Organisers of the event have to be praised for the efforts they made when the air ambulance had to be called for one runner, but continued to marshall the full course and organise a friendly and beginner friendly trail race.

Full race results and photos can be viewed on the Ultimate Trail website.