9 Dec

Ultra Runner Store Pairs Up With Homeless Appeal

Tony HollandTony Holland, owner of the Ultra Runner store in Northumberland, has launched an appeal to collect old running shoes to donate to the homeless. The appeal has already gained some momentum with over 200 pairs passed on, but Tony, along with his wife Helen, are hopeful of collecting up to 1,000 before the close of the festive period.

The campaign is being organised with local volunteer group Grainger Street Friends, who hand out food and clothing to those in need in the north east of England. Customers and running clubs from across the country have already donated to the appeal

Tony spoke of how the idea for the campaign about: “It was my wife who came up with the idea of giving them to charity rather than throwing them away. Her friend is volunteering with Grainger Street Friends and they are always in need of clothes and the like.”

“Sometimes running shoes can be a bit dirty and smelly but they said not to worry about it, many are better than the shoes that homeless people have anyway. Runners don’t tend to hang onto their shoes for very long because the cushioning wears out. On average they keep them for between 300-500 miles. Some that have been donated you look at and think there is nothing wrong with them.”

If you are able to donate, you can drop the trainers off at Ultra Runner, Unit 10, Hubway, Cramlington.