29 Oct

Ultra Vigilant Runners Catch Shoplifter

Eric and Rock/CreekA group of ultrarunners managed to catch a shoplifter in Chattanooga, Tennessee earlier this month. The runners were working at outdoor retailer Rock/Creek when they spotted the thief.

The store's assistant manager, Eric Lofflang, immediately started running and was joint by several other employees. They pursued the suspect down a street and through some carparks before entering a forest.

Eric, who has run several 50k and 100 mile races, explains: "Being a trail runner, it wasn't hard to follow someone through the woods." It is rumoured that Eric shouted, "Man, I can do this for about 23 more hours!" whilst chasing the shoplifter. Though 40-year-old Eric admits: "That might have been exaggerating a little."

The shoplifter started to slow down once he hit the woods and was caught less than a mile later by Eric and his co-workers, who then waited for the police to arrive. The police informed the ultrarunners that this wasn't the thief's first offence. Eric explains: "We've learned in the past few days, that he was already wanted in several other high-profile thefts in the area. So it's really good that we were able to catch him."

Despite their heroic efforts, police generally discourage citizens from chasing down shoplifters for safety and legal reasons.