2 Dec

Upgrade Improves Performance Insole

Runpro insole - red

The award winning lightweight insole - the 'Runpro' - has just got better with a recent major product update. The 'Runpro' from currexsole has been designed for runners and athletes looking to customise their shoes' performance and comfort whilst reducing the risk of injury.

currexSole Runpro insoles are designed by former world triathlon champion and sports scientist Bjorn Gustafsson, a world leader in motion analysis. Bjorn has created a lightweight, high performance 'off the shelf' insole achieving this by mirroring the shape, and balancing the behaviour of differing arched foot profiles.

Jonathan Hedges at currexSole UK explains: "For the foot to perform it needs to flex naturally, that's why currexSole designed the flexible Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT). A nylon arch support that works like a spring, capturing, guiding and propelling your foot's motion better than before. Each profile differs in shape, stiffness and behaviour, thus guiding your foot to its optimal 'position'. We have added a new material under the forefoot that not only cushions but stiffens and returns energy."

Dynamic Arch Technology also increases sensory information about the foot's position (pressure, joint orientation, loading, range and rate of movement), thus enabling the body to respond better and protecting joints. Over time this can assist in the re-programming of foot behaviour.

Runpro insoles are as individual as the runner - with three arch profiles. They fit perfectly into a running shoe. The deep flexible heel cup manages excessive lateral movement whilst providing unsurpassed shock absorption. The foot sits neatly into a DryTech top sheet, with memory foam that has been impregnated with bamboo charcoal not only helping to increase the custom fit element but reducing odours too.

With over seven components all hand assembled and hand finished Runpro insoles offer markedly better performance than standard foam inserts.

Buy online for £34.95 at www.currexSole.co.uk