19 Jan

Reach For The Stairs

Melanie CIf you have a head for heights then a new event in London could be for you. The Vertical Rush will see 1,000 competitors powering their way to the top of Tower 42 in the City of London on 8 March.

The race will be held on 8 March to raise funds for housing and homelessness charity Shelter. Shelter is calling on all stair-running novices and fitness addicts alike to join the race and help them tackle the country’s housing crisis one step at a time.

Challengers can compete individually or in teams to climb the 42 flights of stairs in the fastest possible time. With most able to scale the impressive 600ft summit in under 15 minutes – there’s no excuse not to take on the challenge of this intense stair workout. It’s not just a novelty exercise either, as you can burn up to a whopping 50 per cent more calories by running upstairs

To help get runners ready for the race, Sporty Spice, Melanie C, has shared up her top 5 fitness tips:

  • Drop it like a squat: Improving your lower body strength will give you a big leg up on the day. Try setting yourself a daily squat target and increase by a few each day in the run up to your race and you’ll fly up those flights in no time.    
  • Jump it up: Incorporate jumps into your workouts using steps, boxes or benches. Increasing your explosive strength will give you the power and speed you’ll need to keep up the pace.
  • Spin to win: Stamina will be the difference between making it to the top and enjoying London’s imposing skyline, and collapsing in a breathless heap. Sign up to a spin class to stretch that stamina to its limit, and reach that view at the top.   
  • Let’s get vertical: Interval training will get you ready for the bursts of energy you’ll need to power up those stairs, improve endurance and fight off the dreaded stitch. Find a hill or steps to race up, jog down, and repeat.
  • Keep it cool: Know your limits. Have rest days, vary your training, and be sure to give your sore muscles some TLC after a hard workout, with lots of stretching, hot baths and even a cheeky massage.

For more information visit the Shelter website.