27 Jun

Sichel Hoping To Be King In Queens

William Sichel

British ultra-runner, William Sichel is currently taking part in an event billed as 'the Mount Everest of ultramarathons' in Queens, New York. The Sri Chinmony 3,100 Mile Race is the longest certified footrace in the world and sees William race against 13 competitors from Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, and the US.

The race consists of 5,649 laps of a 0.5488 mile (883 metre) course, to be completed within 52 days. Runners must average almost 60 miles a day to finish within the time limit.

On Wednesday, William from Orkney passed 1000k in the race and it looks like he’s already set new records by doing so.

His blog said: “While any distances, times, records etc. are subject to later official confirmation and ratification, it looks like William has set a new Scottish M60 Ten-Day record and, from the data I have available at present, this is probably also a GB M60 Ten-Day record and possibly also a World M60 Ten-Day record.”

Sichel spoke about the severity of the challenge: “It’s just relentless. You get up every morning and there’s a monkey in the corner: 109, 110 laps, you know. And you say ‘oh God’. But you try not to think about it too much — don’t obsess about the laps.”
Instead, Sichel focuses on the minutiae of the course: “It’s like each side of the course feels a bit like a different world. You got this piece here and then around there and around there. Especially when the light changes. It almost feels like you’re on a different course.”

You can keep track of William’s progress at his website.