8 May

Wings For Life A Soaring Success

Joanna Zakrzewski

More than 35,397 runners from 164 countries took part in the first ever Wings for Life World Run on Monday (5 May). The race format involved runners of all abilities and ages competing simultaneously in 32 countries spanning six continents and 13 time zones.

Unlike most races, the event did not feature a static finish line. Instead competitors were chased by the official World Run Catcher Cars which began advancing towards participants 30 minutes after they left the start line. The Catcher Cars eliminated runners one by one as they overtook them until there was only one remaining competitor in the UK and eventually one person left in the whole world.

The UK event began at 11am on Silverstone Circuit, and stretched out in to the surrounding countryside.  The last remaining female to compete in the UK race was Jo Zakrzewski of Dumfries Running Club (pictured above - right) who outran the car for 45km. The UK male champion was Paul Martelletti, an endurance runner from Middlesex. He managed to outrun the car for a total of 69.37k and ranked 5th in the Worldwide competition.

The overall winner was Lemawork Ketema of Ethiopia who won a knife-edge men’s race, completing 78.57km before being hauled in by the Catcher Car. Elise Selvikvåg Molvik of Norway covered 54.79km in Stavanger to take global honours in the women’s race.

You can view video highlights of the event here. To donate to the Wings For Life charity, visit their website.