24 Apr

Witches And Weddings At London Marathon

One of the most interesting features of the Virgin Money London Marathon is the weird and wonderful world record attempts and the cast-iron certainty that a proposal will take place. Sunday’s race proved to be no different as Lancashire’s Nicola Nuttall became the fastest witch to complete a marathon, while Wallsend Harriers’ Marie Collinson proposed to her partner (and clubmate) John Dodds. 

Nuttall, from Pendle, had attempted a similar feat in 2016 only to be told that her skirt was too short and failed to comply with Guinness World Record regulations. The motivation of being stripped of her title last year clearly had the desired effect as Nuttall finished the marathon in 3:26:13 – a sizeable WR and five minutes quicker than her 2016 time.

Validation of the feat came yesterday from the Guinness World Records Twitter feed: “No broomstick required! Nicola Nuttall, Fastest marathon dressed as a witch (female).”

Nuttall’s record was one of 73 to be attempted at Sunday’s race. Highlights included one runner competing as Mr Potato Head, while Kev Howarth displayed some fine multi-tasking skills by completing the 26.2 miles at the same time as dribbling two basketballs.

One of the largest cheers for the day, however, was reserved for Wallsend Harriers pair Marie Collinson and John Dodds. Marie ensured her first ever marathon experience would be even more memorable as she got down on one knee to propose. She later tweeted: "A superb event...even spurred me on for my proposal.”

For all the romantics out there, you can watch a video of her proposal here


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