15 Jan

You Are Feeling Speedy


Endurance runner William Sichel, has revealed the secret to his running success. The Orkney native has recently been listening to hypnosis courses on his mp3 player to help him mentally prepare for events.

Sichel, who became one of only six people to complete the six-day Across the Years race in Arizona earlier this month, said: "I've been doing more and more work in self-hypnosis. It helps the brain cope with the overwhelming fatigue and to accept it has to go further than it's gone before. For most of the race I was in a semi-hypnotic state."

The 60-year-old came fourth in the race and also finished first in his age group, setting 16 new British and Scottish records. Sichel's ambition is to set 165 records by his 65th birthday. His current tally is 94, including 77 long distance records. He puts his recent success down to mental preparation.

He said of his chances of reaching this target: "I think I can do it. I run every race as if it's my last and I push hard to the line. My motivation is self-curiosity, to explore the limits I can push my body and mind to."