19 Mar

Self-isolate with a run

Young woman running in woodland

These are certainly strange times we live in. Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, shook it up and twisted it round, impacting on all our lives. The act of running is utterly trivial in the bigger picture of a pandemic.

Yet, the cancellation of scores of major races, parkruns and regular training nights at clubs across the country has left a significant hole in the lives of thousands of runners. So, how to balance the priority of social distancing with the desire to keep running?

Well, unlike many other activities, running is one that can be done solitarily and not necessarily at a fixed location. The Government have also advised people stay healthy by going outside 'for exercise and, in that case, at a safe distance from others..'

So, it shouldn’t stop runners from heading out on their own and maintaining a semblance of normality in their lives.

And there are ample reasons why running alone can be a very positive experience:

  1. You decide the pace – feeling good? Go for it. Not feeling it today? Take it easier.
  2. A chance to practice– test out a tempo and try to hang on. The world is your oyster
  3. Choose your route – go wherever suits you from door back to door.
  4. Enhance concentration – with no one to talk with, you really are in your own zone, this is good practice for focus during races.
  5. Confidence building. – it’s all down to you, no running in the pack, only encouraged by your own internal urgings. So, the sense of achievement is all yours too
  6. Mental health – in other contexts, being alone with your thoughts is not always good. But with endorphins rushing through the nervous system, positivity and creativity helps you process and problem solve.

So, while life as we know it grinds to a halt, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still run. If anything, running can provide the perfect antidote to the stresses and uncertainties that surround us. Call it your self-isolation run.

image courtesy – Romanboed on Flickr