10 Mar

Mizuno Performance LS Top Reviewed

As a heavy duty 'sweater' there are just a few running tops that work for me during the colder months - approximately an 8/9 month period in the north of England! I need something that's going to do some serious moisture transfer and will also remain reasonably warm on the inside. I usually look for full or half-zip tops with a soft fleece-like lining.

mizuno running top

So the new long-sleeved Mizuno Performance shirt isn't what I'd normally go for. However I liked the look of the crew top - a nice bright blue colour with narrow vertical white flashings; it had a flattering slim fit. The cut was impressive - the seams were sturdy but unobtrustive - and the detailing was excellent - quality trims at the waist and cuffs. It felt comfortable too - the fabric was soft and comfortable next to the body. Overall a well-made garment.

How did it perform? I liked wearing the Mizuno Performance shirt; it was lightweight, had excellent wicking qualities and, worn with gloves, kept me reasonably warm on a cold March day. As the weather improves the Performance will be a good top through spring and again in autumn. A good quality top and value at £28.