1 Mar

Running on Runner Beans?

a spread of fruit & veg

The notion of being a vegetarian or vegan elite runner would have been alien not too long ago. Protein is key for muscle development and recovery, right? And chicken, eggs and red meat are great sources of protein, right? Therefore, an effective running diet must include meat and eggs. Well, not necessarily. Yet, that leap of logic stood as conventional wisdom for a long time.

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9 Jan

Class of 2019

runner on a wide road heading off into the sunset

New year, new me. Some express it far and wide, others are more reserved about the personal revolution the turning of the year will herald. Most of us - at some level - have a sense of renewal at New Year and the resetting of goals.  Often – in fact nearly always – health related.

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20 Dec

runABC'S own SPOTY

Headshot of Geraint Thomas

Another BBC Sports Personality of the Year, another entirely predictable debate over whether anyone in British sport has a personality and another social media outrage over BBC bias against men, women, the English, the Scottish, snooker, darts, tiddlywinks and so on.

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