19 Mar

Puma Ventis and Mizuno Wave Rider and Creation Trainers Reviewed

I recently received a pair of the new Puma Complete Ventis and the Mizuno Wave Rider and Wave Creation trainers to test out. As a keen runner, I decided to put the 3 pairs through a good run on roads and cross country tracks to test out the overall feel,stability and support of each shoe.

Puma Complte Ventis

puma ventis shoe

As someone who has never worm puma shoes before, I received these and put these trainers on with anticipation and interest. The feel of the shoes is a solid one. Not the lightest of feeling shoes, but they do give great support around the ankles and the cushioning on the soles feels great. The trainers look great, the light green colour is maybe not what I would usually pick but is great for those evening runs when you want to be as visable as possible to cars and other pedestrains! I would definately consider more Puma shoes in the future now.

Mizuno Wave Rider 13

wave rider 13

I am a recent converter to Mizuno for my running trainers and find them a great balance between cushioning and support. These are the newer version of my trusted old trainers, so I put these on with a feeling of familiarity. I wasn't let down, the feel of the trainers was the same, great cushioning and support of the ankle and arch of the foot.

Unlike the Puma shoe, which has alot of detail on the design of the shoe, these look simple and safe, no complex stitching or multicolours but it doesn't need too, the shoe ticks all the boxes for a great high mileage running trainer and I for one will be looking out for these again when I have run my current ones into the ground!.

Mizuno Wave Creation 11

wave creation 11

I was interested to try another version of the Mizuno series, I had only tried the Wave Rider version before. These trainers look great! The heel has a open sprung design and they immediately look like you could float along in them! Putting them on, I could feel the heel area was tighter than the others (Wave Rider), I think this is due to the plastic part on the outside of the shoe which goes around the heel area. I took these on a short run to wear them in and was glad I decided on a shorter run, as after a few miles I could feel the heel area pressing on my heel and making it uncomfortable. This may only be because of my feet size (although the foot length was fine) and I have since been trying to wear them in around the house to loosen the ankle area. Hopefully once the shoes have broken in abit more and the shoe sides worn abit, they should fit my feet better and i'll try running in them again. But apart from that, they are great, the cushioning and look of the shoes I would rate very highly.